Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Cookie Day!

I have lived in my condo since October and I can not remember baking cookies since moving in.  Well, I know I have made several batches of sugar cookies, (my favorite!!!) but not any other kind of cookie.  We are expecting quite a crowd around here the next couple of days so I decided to bake some cookies for the masses.  It was quite nice working in my newly organized kitchen. I made one batch of cookies and while those were finishing up baking I made another batch.  I just hope they taste okay, like I said I haven't baked cookies forever.  I was planning on making chocolate chip cookies tonight but then I remembered that two of my daughters that will be visiting are nursing babies and so are not eating chocolate so I decided I better make another kind of cookie and decided on oatmeal. Something else that is kind of funny is that Russell is on a no eating diet for two days so I have had to bake them while he is gone to a meeting so he wasn't tempted to eat them.  The cookies are done and ready to be refrigerated until the company gets here. They look good, just hope they taste good.

Also today, I left this morning and headed to Provo to visit Colby and Kimber.  We had a fun day together.  Here is a funny picture of Kimber.  Study it carefully.  She was laying on her tummy and rolled her stomach and head over but her legs are stilling facing down. Kind of freaky!!! She is one limber Kimber. 


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