Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winter is on it's way...

For good or bad we have had our first big snow storm and it is way to early!!!!! We are not ready for the snow yet so hopefully it is just here for a day or two and is now on its way somewhere else. PLEASE!!!!!!

We take a roadtrip to Provo, Utah for a really fun BYU football game.

Because it was Jim's birthday and he loves BYU football and we were given 6 tickets to a BYU football game and also because he leaves for his mission in three days from today,we headed down to Provo on Saturday, October 11th, for the BYU, New Mexico football game. (whew, that was a long sentence) It turned out to be quite an adventure because we forgot the tickets at our house in Victor so had to drive home from Idaho Falls and get them and that was just the beginning of the excitement. It was fun though because as you can see from the pictures we all had BYU Quest t-shirts to wear and I think we looked really cute in them. It was fun being back at the football stadium as Russell and I haven't had many opportunities to return there since we graduated 30 years ago,(could it possibly be that long?) We told Colby and Brittany how we used to take Eric to the football games and bundle his all up and tuck him under the bleachers in his car seat, now that was a long time ago, (he turned 29 a couple of weeks ago). Colby and Jim said we could come to the games with them when they are at school at the Y in 2 1/2 years from now. Jim loves BYU football so much he says they are going to have their wedding reception at the Levelle Edward Stadium, guess we had better start saving our money, HA. Jim's dad was able to go with us so it was a fun chance for them to spend some time together before he leaves for his mission.