Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Something Fun to Try

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Pioneer Experience with Grandma and Grandpa Great Munson

Starting Summer off with a Barney Bang

We were so happy to have Blake and Lindsey spend some time with us this summer. Blake was between semesters of school so they were able to come over for a visit. Meredith came over also so she could see them while they were here. These photos are from our trip over the hill to the rec center in Jackson to go swimming. It was a lot of fun. Poor Colby still couldn't get into the water much so just sat at the side and watched.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally, a day or two off.....NOT

Well, we are back from our vacation and done with the wild and crazy month of May. My May was so utterly packed with things to do that I didn't know if I would survive it. I had district softball tournament, two music programs, state softball tournament, semimary graduation, high school graduation one for Colby and another one to watch,for Jim, getting ready for our trip, company for a week, (which we loved), and working two jobs. It was actually worse than the month of December if that is possible. I would like to say that the summer looks better but it doesn't so, so much for a vacation. Sorry if I sound like I am whinning, I guess I am but where does it all end??????????????????????????????? I guess that is when you die, ha! I don't want that any time soon so guess I had better buck up and start each day with a good attitude!!!

We had so much fun in Mexico. We were able to do lots of really fun stuff and make lots of great memories. We were so glad that it worked out for Eric and Chandra to come with us. I bet they missed their little girls but we were glad to have them along.

We will be visiting mom and dad at Martin's Cove in two weekends so are looking forward to that. We will be taking all the little grandchildren but Gracie with us so that be a great adventure. We are looking forward to Blake and Lindsey coming to stay tomorrow hurray! Hope you all have a fun and safe summer!

Our Mexican Vacation in Puerta Vallarta

As you watch this slide show, put the cursor at the bottom of each picture to read the captions that are there, enjoy, we sure did!