Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ohio and the OSU Barneys.....also known as home of the Yellow Fellow.

We are in Ohio visiting Blake and his family.  Although the reason for our trip is not so great, the time here has been really fun.  Blake has been diagnosed with auto-immune hepititis.  It is the third diagnoses he has had.  This is the best so far so we will take it!  He has been put on some medicine that will help stop his body fight itself as it is attacking his liver.  He is so much better the past few days, it has been great.  He is really yellow and will be until the liver stops getting attacked. It takes 23 days to get rid of all the bellirubin (sp) in his system.  I just wanted to post a picture of the yellow fellow....maybe you can see the yellow in his eyes and skin. 

Here are some photos of the boys. They are such sweet, good boys.
 It has been great being here with them. We love them!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lots of folks in our little apartment.

We have lots of company this weekend.  Brittany, Meredith, Wes, Saria, Easton, Sadie, and Jim and Colby plus Russell and I are squished into our little apartment.  It is nice and cozy and wall to wall people.  We like it!!!!! Just wish we had Eric and his family, Royce and his family and Blake and his family here, then we would really be tight.  HA! Mer is staying at a hotel so they at least have a bed.  Thanks for coming everyone.