Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Exodus Continues

Whether we like it or not, Royce and AubRee left for California today.  I am a bit teary eyed once again.  We have been so happy to have them here, so close to us.  Royce has just three months of school left and he will be a real live optometrist.  That has got to be a pretty exciting milestone to look toward.  Russell was out of town most of this week but I was able to spend some last fun times with them.  I went over Valentine's night and watched the kids while Royce and AubRee had an actual date night. Think they had a fun time
Last night we went to Juicy Berry for Grace's actual birthday: 

Always a smile on little Grace's face, she is a little ray of sunshine, (usually).
Four years old today.

This morning I went over to help them get ready to leave and they were mostly ready to go but  I did get this cute picture of the sleepy kids:

Sleepy little angels

 Russell got home from a business trip just in time to repack and head to California with them, to help them by driving their pickup.  We had one last lunch together and then it was time to tell them goodbye, good bye Royce, AubRee, Grace and Kruz, we love you and will miss you. Thanks for all the fun times together.

Getting ready to load into the car and head to California.

I think we are going to have to hog-tie Colby and Jim to Provo so they don't leave also!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

What a Busy Weekend

We were all over this weekend.  We started here at home, drove to  Meredith's house then to Eric's house, then back home.  Friday night we had a super fun birthday party for Grace here at our house.  She went swimming with her little cousins and friend then came up to our condo for pizza, cake and ice cream and presents.  She was really sweet and kind to her guests. We had a Hello Kitty party and her mommy made her a really cute Hello Kitty cake.  Grace will be 4 this week, glad we got to have her party at our house.

Little Grace in the Chef Hat and Apron I made her for her birthday.

Saturday morning Russell and I drove to Gooding to spend the day with Meredith and her family.  We were able to go to one of Easton's basketball games and his blue and gold banquet that night.  He is a pretty cute little cub scout.   Sunday morning we drove to visit Eric, Chandra and their girls.  They have a new house I hadn't seen so was able to see it and see all the hard work they have done on it.  It was a fun weekend.  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Exodus Begins

Several years ago Brittany left our little town of Victor, ID to spend the summer in Alaska.  Colby was playing in a softball game near Rexburg and Brittany stopped by the game to tell her good bye.  It was a sad day for those two, much crying was going on by the girls but also by me....well tonight we relived that once again.  Brittany and Patrick are moving to California tomorrow and tonight was the last chance Brittany and Colby had to be together.  It was pretty sad for the girls once again. I wish I could find the picture from several years ago to post but had no luck finding it.  Here are the girls tonight spending time together for the last time.  It was a sad time for them and for me.  It is hard to see these friends tell each other goodbye.

Brittany, Colby and baby Kimber
 A sad night for the girls.

Patrick and Jim say goodbye, not such a sad time for them.....
Wow, how things have changed!  Brittany and Colby both have husbands now that we love and Colby has a baby also.  I am glad the girls still love each other so much, it is sweet to see.  We are lucky that Meredith also came down for the weekend to see Brittany off.  It is so good to have our family together.  Eric came down last weekend to see Brittany and Patrick for one last time.  So glad our children love each other and support each other, it does my heart good!