Thursday, January 31, 2008

Okay...So Change Isn't Always That Great!!!!!

So I had the great idea that I would like to jazz up this blog spot by adding some new colors and textures....not that good of an idea. I totally messed this up several nights ago and it has taken me two nights since to try and get it back to something decent and readable. It was very educational though, so maybe I will try again later but not for a while!

It is snowing like crazy here. Russell blew the snow less than two hours ago and we have gotten several inches since then. How much will we have in the morning if this keeps up? It is kind of fun, all this snow. We got a book for Christmas about this area when it was first inhabited and I imagine it was like this, except with no snowblowers or road scrapers. There is one picture of men with shovels, shoveling out the road that was between Victor and Jackson. That would be the pits for sure because that is one heck of a long road. Aren't we fortunate to have all the modern conveniences we have. With all this cold weather I have been noticing in our family prayers each day we are all really thankful for a warm house and reliable cars. I just wonder how those early settlers survived! They must have been pretty tough, I bet there not many whiners back then.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Away with the Christmas music for good! And a little Barney update.

The Christmas music is gone but unfortunately so is the slide show that went along with it. I guess I will have to do the Christmas photos again without the music. Lets see, that will take me an hour or so unless I am better at it than the last time I did it!
Holy cow, I am sitting here at the computer listening to the wind outside and it sounds like we are going to blow away! We live out on the prairie and when the wind blows it really goes!!!!!! I am home alone tonight as Russell is at a meeting and Colby is in Jackson, (no surprise there) and I am not really sure I like being alone. I am not scared or anything like that, I am just a bit lonely. I went to church by myself today because Russell had high councilman duties and Colby was at Jim's church and it was weird to say the least. I sat in the middle of a center pew and no one else sat by me so I was all alone the whole time. I am not sure how I am going to do with no kids at home. Good thing we still have Colby around for a while yet.
We had a fun time in Idaho Falls Friday night and Saturday. After we were done tour guiding Friday at the temple we met Colby, Jim and his family in Idaho Falls for a little weekend get away. We went to dinner and the movie, 'The Bucket List'. We stayed over night at a motel and got up early to go to the temple openhouse since Colby or none of Jim's family had been through the temple yet. (Saturday was the last day.) Brittany was able to join us for the fun so that was nice. We went to breakfast after the open house in IF at our favorite breakfast place, Smitty's. They have the best buckwheat pancakes, yum were they good. After that, Brittany and I went shopping, Jim's sister and mom had to return to Jackson and Russell, Colby, Jim and his dad went to a gun show in IF. We met for a real late lunch and then headed back to Victor. It was nice to get away and do something different for a change. We rarely go to movies so that was fun to do.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A woman's work is never done........

Especially when your washer has been on the fritz! I was just reading Rae Jean's blog and thought, wow, she has some exciting things happening! Here is my exciting news, after a month of going to the laundry mat, my washer is now working!!!! It promptly quit after all the Christmas company left and I had all towels and sheets etc. to get clean. Well, the part that was not working arrived this week and the repair man was here this morning and got it running. Hurray! (That laundry mat can really add up)

Russell and I have our last day at the Rexburg temple tomorrow, January 25th, 2008. We have been so lucky to be tour guides at the temple each Friday in January and it has been a great experience. It has been my pleasure to take turns with Russell guiding the tours where one of us talks about the temple and the other is the sheep herder and follows after everyone on the tour and keeps us all together. He has said some nice things about us in the sealing room which is the last stop on the tour. He always says he is thankful to be sealed to his best friend and that really touches my heart. It has been a wonderful time for us. He is definitely a blessing for me and our kids. I guess I do have some exciting things going on besides getting the washer fixed!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My First Blog, brought to you by the Crazy Weather!

Well, today I am starting this blog, (which I know nothing about) , because school was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions so I do not have to go to work. The wind and snow were blowing so hard this morning we couldn't even see past the fence in our backyard. It was crazy. It has calmed down now and is quite peaceful outside, atlease for a little while. The pass to Jackson was closed and so Russell was not able to go to work until later this morning. Colby and I are taking advantage of the day off by cleaning the house, ugh! and getting our hair done. I just love these days off. They are like a present, because you haven't scheduled anything so you really don't have any expectations or things planned. Unfortunately, we have to stay in the valley because all roads out are also closed. I was hoping we could go to Idaho Falls and do some grocery shopping. I guess we could go to Jackson and shop which would make Colby very happy! I will spend some time now learning about blogs I guess. I can already tell I am going to like this because it is right up my alley! TTFN DeEtte