Monday, June 29, 2009

We're Home!

Okay, it has been 11 days since I have blogged or been on the computer or changed my blog's background or typed or read an email or anything computer related. I think I have had severe computer withdrawal, not good! It is great to have this laptop on my lap getting warmed up from the heat it generates and hearing the clicking of each key as I type this blog. AHHhhhhh!! Nice.

We had a great vacation and I will write about it and add some photos at a later date, I have lots of stuff to put away right now so TTFN!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girls at Play

We had fun getting pedicures Monday morning in Rexburg. Here are some photos.

The Last Couple Weeks at the Barney Home

We have been lucky the last two weekends to have some of our kids come home. Here are some photos of the fun.....

Isn't our family awesome, we sure love them!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SLC Update

Russell and I have been in SLC for three days now looking for an apartment for him to stay in while we attempt to sell our house. We signed a lease yesterday on a nice, old place that is really close to downtown SLC. It has three parks right by it and City Creek meandering in front of it. It is one of those really great areas of SLC that takes you back in time. In the neighborhood there are lots of tall, old trees, great sidewalks, bridges across the creek, a memorial park for Utah war veteran's, and a definite slow paced feel. It is a block north and east of the conference center. There are missionary couples living there along with many other variety of folks. Russell will be about 5 minutes from his job compared to the 30 minute commute he has in Jackson. It seems like a nice place to be.

The apartment has one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen and living room. There is no microwave or dishwasher so Russell says he is going totally paper and plastic for dishes. He says he may take one pan to the apartment but you know us, we are microwave cookers deluxe so I imagine he will do the same at the apartment. We are trying to decide if we can call it a condo, a suite or second home but since it is just an apartment that is as romantic a label as we can come up with. (any other suggestions ?)We hope to get a hide abed couch in case we ever have company but our finances are going to be a bit strained supporting two households so who knows if that will happen. Rae Jean has offered to furnish it with her abundance of furniture so I'm sure we will take her up on that. That will save having to move stuff down here from Idaho so that will be awesome, thanks Rae Jean. We will need to move a bed down is about all.

You will be welcome to come visit anytime, just know you will need to bring your own bed, pillows,towels,dishes etc. Just kidding, I am sure we will eventually get a blow up bed and all that other stuff too. Just a matter of getting it from Idaho to Utah. You maybe eating on TV trays which may be interesting because I am not ever sure there will be a TV there. Well, I guess there may be a TV, I am not use to the idea that there is just plain free TV to watch. We have lived so long where there is only TV if you pay for it that is it kind of weird to remember there are other options than that.

I love downtown SLC so I am excited about this all. Just pray for us that we get our home sold quickly, yeh, that will be a real miracle!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Wonderful Washington DC Weekend

Wednesday, May 27th, Russell and I flew to Washington DC, a place we had never been. The reason for our trip was to celebrate the retirement of Lieutenant Colonel Kim Paul Wortham. Kim is a close high school friend of Russell's from way back at Meridian High School, class of 1975. Just wish I had a picture of them from 1975, they look much different now!

His retirement ceremony was Thursday afternoon at Ft. Myers military base. It is adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery, home of the unknown soldier. The ceremony was pretty awesome, here is a photo of Kim and then some video of the occasion. It was pretty spectacular and we sure were glad he invited us to go to it.

This drum and fife band was our favorite, (you drillteam sisters, watch how straight their diagonals are).

Here are some photos from our day walking, (and walking and walking) around the sites. Please know we are not looking our best, it was hot, rainy, and windy that day.