Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good Job Honey!

It seems that Russell's employer is always downsizing....I guess it is the way of the world.  I just wanted to give him a shout out because he recently survived another round of downsizing as his position was eliminated.  He was given a new job, which brings more responsibility and a  larger area to be in charge of and a vote of confidence for his work ethic and leadership abilities.  Way to go Honey, I love you and am so thankful to have you as my friend, spouse and the dad of all our wonderful family. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Such a Week

To start off, two of our nephew's wives had sweet little babies last week, two days apart I think.  We were happy about the save arrival of  Nora and Jet, grandchildren of my two older sisters.  What fun to welcome such sweet little babies to our family.
We Barneys were busy ourselves...we had a baby shower for our own little granddaughter, Kimber, who will be here any day now, my mom and I sang in church and we had Red Neck Monday yesterday.  I was a bit lame-o and took my camera to the baby shower but did not have anyone take any photos so that was sad.  It was as fun party though, Meredith was here with Sadie, Saria, and Easton, (although there were no boys at the shower, so Easton, Russell, Jim and Royce has a boy afternoon,) and my mom and sisters, Rae Jean and Julie were at the shower.  Lots of Jim's family, his mom, Kristen, both his grandmother's, Melba and Peggy, his aunts and cousins and sister Ashleigh, were at the party so it was a fun time.  We had some family friends there as well, and collectively Colby and Kimber received lots of nice gifts and feel a little better prepared to bring Kimber home from the hospital.
Mom and I sang in my sacrament meeting Sunday afternoon.  We sang Did You Think to Pray.  My sweet visiting teacher Anna, played the piano for us.  It was kind of fun because Colby and Jim, Brittany, and Royce, AubRee, Grace and Kruz came to my church to hear us sing.  I guess we did okay, several sisters in the ward said they were a  bit teary eyed during the song, (hopefully because of the message of the song, not the bad singing!)

When Jim and Colby moved to Utah, to go to school at BYU we started a little tradition called Red Neck Saturday where we spend some time at Smith and Edwards,( a crazy store north of Salt Lake, that has everything in the world you could ever want to buy), followed by dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ.  (Famous Dave's is one of my favorite places to eat, just saying.) Anyway, since Monday was a holiday and I wasn't working and Russell wasn't working and Patrick wasn't working and Brittany wasn't working and Jim didn't have school we decided it was going to be Red Neck Monday and had fun spending the day together.  We started out with breakfast at IHOP.   
First meal of the day...
 Followed by a quick trip to RC Willey to get Colby a rocking chair for when the baby comes, a daddy tradition, that Russell has done for most of the mommies in our family.
the chosen recliner, rocker for Colby and Kimber

all together
 Then headed to ...

an awesome store

two handsome hunks

ice fishing tent

ice fishing with friends

our sweet Kimber

 We found some fun little Wrangler jeans and a sweet little cowgirl shirt for Kimber then we headed to
the yummiest place to eat, great baked beans, coleslaw and cornmeal muffins

the gang

humm wonder what they are thinking about

started Red Neck Monday eating and ended it eating........
 where we ate the trash can lid lunch which was really yummy.

This video is really funny of Patrick trying out the recliners at RC Willey made for the old folks.  It actually lifts you upright so you are almost standing when it is done moving.

It was a fun day together, thanks kids for sharing it with us. 
 Love you all, Eric, Chandra, Ali, Myah, Royce, AubRee, Grace, Kruz, Blake, Lindsey, Caleb, Spencer, Ethan, Meredith, Wes, Saria, Easton, Sadie, Brittany, Patrick, Colby, Jim and baby Kimber.  Especially love you Russell!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Great Idea.....

I had the great idea for Christmas this year to make all my gifts and so started way back in the summer knitting, crocheting and embroidering, making Family Home Evening lessons for kids, and food storage notebooks and meals for each family, sadly, that was not soon enough and I found myself most mornings in December at 5 am out in the living room knitting away and then again while watching TV at night and sometimes in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep.  What a surprise I gave myself when it was time to wrap the gifts for my sweet sister in laws only to find that I hadn't quite finished embroidering one of the dish clothes I had planned to give away, so another late night was a head of me. Well, I ended up in Bear Lake still at it, knitting at all hours of the day and night.  I was sick though so it gave me an excuse to stay in bed and knit.  Here are some photos of the headbands I knit and crocheted for each of my daughters, daughter in laws and granddaughters, (except Meredith who never wants her photo taken ,you little stinker, and somehow I missed taking a picture of Lindsey, sorry)


Saria and Grace

Colby and Brittany

Myah, Chandra and Ali

Grace and AubRee

One thing that is cool about these headbands is that the buttons are from a stash my mom had at her house left over from their Munson's Grocery Store in Escalante, UT, sort of sweet little remembrance of Grandpa and Grandma Munson.  I am posting these pictures to remind myself not to be part of this insanity again, it was a nice idea that grew way out of proportion.....and took over my life. HA!