Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Wonderful Non-wintery Pre-Christmas Caribbean Cruise

Please enjoy these pictures from our cruise. We left our valley with no snow and came home to tons of it!!!! We were so warm while we were gone!

Merry Christmas One and All!!!

Here are some Christmas morning photos. We got up at 5am and had a great time looking in our stockings and opening presents. Stockings are always the best part of Christmas for we Barneys and that is what we look at first. It was so fun having Blake and Lindsey and Caleb and Spencer with us this year.

It was a snowy, blizzarding day and Russell had to take Blake and family to Ririe to Lindsey's parents and Colby had to head to Jackson to Jim's house for the Christmas missionary phone call. Russell drove to Swan Valley and had to turn back due to a road closure so they came back home and traveled to Ririe by way of Rexburg. Although Colby got to Jackson she had to spend the night because the pass closed while she was there. I haven't talked to Colby since she talked to Jim or I would give a Jim update to you all. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, we sure did!

Christmas Morning at the Barneys

Here are a few photos from Christmas morning. It was so great having Blake and Lindsey here with their little Caleb and Spencer. We got up around 5 am and had lots of fun looking in stockings and unwrapping gifts. Santa was pretty good to all of us. We had a fun morning and our breakfast was Karla's yummy baked oatmeal. It was a blizzarding day here and Blake and Lindsey and Colby has traveling to do so that was a bit scary. Russe

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Bunch of Christmas Smilers

Hello and Merry Christmas, here we are on Christmas Eve, aren't we just adorable? Just wait for the Christmas Day photos!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving in Kuna

Here we are stuffing ourselves with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I just can't believe it is already more than a week since we were in Kuna for Thanksgiving. This month is flying by already. We will be gone on our vacation in 6 days so we are getting excited for that. Mostly we are excited to pick up Blake and Lindsey in Salt Lake next Friday night. Isn't Christmas the best time of the year?