Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Girls and Their Projects....

Brittany and Colby and Meredith have been busy this winter making all sorts of cool things, just wanted to share some of their projects. 
Brittany is taking a flower arranging class right now so twice a week we get these lovely new floral arrangements at our house.  They are really brightening up the place.  It has been fun to see what she will bring home after each of her classes. What a nice change from the winter doldrums!  Thanks for sharing Brit!!!

This awesome wooden  bowl is my Christmas present from Colby and Jim.  They made it themselves which is not surprising because they are always making really cool stuff. When I was young my Grandma Jones had a bowl similar to this on her front-room coffee table full of nuts and as soon as I saw this, it reminded me so much of that. I love this bowl.   If you like this bowl they would be happy to make one for you as they have decided to start selling them.
PS:they also made Russell an antler lamp which he has in his office at work that turned out pretty nice. (I personally do not care for antler furnishings, they pretty much make me want to hurl, so I don't get excited about such things, but Russell really liked it.)

And this is Meredith's sweet little project, Sadie.  We got to see her this last weekend and she is getting so big and cute. Well, she is still pretty small but adorable.  It was so fun to see Easton holding her and talking to her.  That is a sweet little memory. 

Keep up the good work daughters, you are creating some great stuff!  Love you, MOM

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cosmic Bowling

Saturday night at the bowling alley.  It was cosmic bowling so we wore all the white we could find so we would glow in the dark.  It was pretty fun because the bowling alley was all lit up in neon and even the bowling balls were glowing. 

It was fun spending the day in with Eric and Chandra and Ali and Myah.  We were able to take Jim and Colby along with us so they got to join in the fun.

Here we are all in the dark with the neon lights going........

and here we are with the flash on our camera, it took away all the fun glowing in the dark stuff but is a much better picture of us where you can actually see us.