Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clean Baby Clean #3, or Colby Barney, with the goo goo googley eyes.

So yesterday while Colby and Russell put up the trim in our room I cleaned out my drawers in our bathroom. Man did I have a lot of junk. This photo of Colby is to show how many pairs of glasses I had in the drawers, 5 pairs of reading glasses and one old pair of prescription glasses. I haven't needed reading glasses for about 2 years now so they have just been taking up space in the drawers. When I looked at this photo I just kept thinkng of the song, Barney Google, with the goo goo googly eyes, but in this case Colby Barney with the goo goo googly eyes.

Also, I had 5 toothbrushes and I have used an electric toothbrush for about 3 years now, so I guess going though things now and again is a good thing.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Perfect reason for moving to Salt Lake City...

Well, I must admit I did not do any cleaning today because I had to spend the day going to Idaho Falls to run some errands. We painted our bedroom a while back and have needed some white trim to finish it so off to Idaho Falls we went today. A trip to Idaho Falls generally takes most of the day so we don't get much other stuff done when we go there. It was a fun trip though, we picked Colby up in Rexburg and she came home with us for the weekend. We had a yummy lunch at Red Robin, went to Lowe's and of course Walmart and spent a little time in the mall. Instead of cleaning when we got home I painted the trim for the bedroom and it will hopefully get put up on Monday. We have a really cool picture of the Salt Lake temple we can hang after the trim is up so we will be able to get that done also. Now, when we get to Salt Lake I imagine we can run to a hardware store and home in an hours time so that will be nice. Wow, that is going to be exciting!!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay so knowing that cleaning is a big part of moving I started today with the dastardly deed. First job, under the kitchen sink, a job that hasn't been done for a while. Any way, I figure I might as well make it memorable while I am doing it so I am going to bore you all with a play by play account as I go along. Whats under your kitchen sink? I had 2 bottlesof Kaboom, 3 bottles of Windex, 4 packaging tape dispensers, 2 kinds of ceramic stove top cleaner, 3 flyswatters, dishwasher parts, assorted sponges, scrapers, squeegees, dishwasher soap, dish soap, Jet Dry, vinegar water, Murphy's oil soap water, stainless steel appliance cleaner, a few rags, hand towels, 3 kinds of carpet cleaner, and the list goes on. My whole plan was to chuck some of it, but mostly I just dispersed it to the bathrooms in the house. I did find two plant pots that will be great in a garage sale.

Here is the mess underneath my sink after all those bottles and junk are gone. What a lovely surprise! I can't wait for under the refrigerator!

How many packaging tape dispensers does one person need, don't you even fret about them though because we will be needing them all in the next few months.


All clean and shiny...

One job down and 100 more to go...your welcome to come and help anytime!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drum roll please........Salt Lake City here we come

Here is our big news, we are moving from our wonderful, beautiful valley to a really big valley, Salt Lake City, Utah. Russell had his first day of work there today, Wednesday, May 20th. Holy cow we have had to keep that a secret for a week and a half and it was almost more than I could bare. Anyway, if you know any one who wants a great house in a great valley with great views and great weather (ha) just let us know because our house will be on the market soon.

Living in the Teton valley has been a dream come true. After leaving the Wood River valley our girls learned there really are other kids with values and morals and are just plain nice. Brittany and Colby have loved living here and will probably be the most sad to leave. How will Colby survive being so far from the Allan family in Jackson? Hmmm, I bet she and Jim never factored this move into their relationship, what is going to happen there?

This is a great opportunity for Russell. He will be over all the lending in Utah and Wyoming for Bank of the West. His little Jackson area has been the leader in lending totals for all of Utah and Wyoming for some time now, and he will now have the chance to do the same for the Utah region of the bank. Right now it is pretty much in the bottom of the pool for the whole bank so there is no where to go but up. Since fixing bank problems seems to be his specialty I have no doubt he will be really successful as he undertakes this challenge. I an really proud of him for all his hard work, and ability to problem solve.

I guess we will be down sizing with this move since the kids are pretty much gone, so, if there is anything we have that you love makes us a deal and it could be yours. Oh the joy of thinking about moving again, lets see, this is our 12th or 13th move so we should be pretty good at it. We have been really blest though, with each move, to learn and grow and hopefully become better parents, friends and members of the church that we love. We have a huge list of friends we send Christmas cards to every year and this move will surely add a bunch to that list.

As for me, I am ready for Salt Lake. It the past 11 years or more I have had an hour commute to do any kind of actual shopping, movie watching, or any kind of thing that simply doesn't happen in small towns. (like eating at real restaurants). I am a little sad at leaving my music job and job at the seminary but I am sure there are other opportunities just awaiting me. With one surgery behind me and one sadly loaming in my future it will be nice to just relax and have some fun with my family and I think Salt Lake is just the place to do that.

So there you have it...our big news is finally out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Baby is 19, Happy Birthday Colby!

Well, it is hard to believe but Colby is 19 now. She was home for Mother's Day so we celebrated her birthday. Of course, she was really home to talk to Jimmey on Mother's Day and you will be happy to know he is still fabulous and marvelous! She had a nice long talk with him and says she can now last until December when she will be able to talk to him again. Anyway, Happy Birthday sweet daughter, we love you.

Splish Splash I was taking a bath.......

We had Eric and Meredith and families over for Mother's Day. It was fun having them all here. While they were here I walked into my bathroom to check on the girls that were taking a bath and this is what I found. I think the water was about up to their chest and the rest was bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. Poor Myah can hardly see over the top of all those crazy bubbles. They were having a blast though and those bubbles just seemed to disappear after a while.