Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Last Graduate! and other news.

Well, it is really hard to believe but our children are all graudated now. We are getting old for sure but Russell did tell me this morning that I do not look like I am nearly 50 so that is good I guess. What a crazy month Colby has had, state softball, knee surgery, graduation and then Mexico in two days. We are really excited to be going somewhere warm. It has not been the greatest weather here and we are ready for a change. Jim graduates on Saturday, May 31st and then Russell, myself, Brittany, Colby and Jim will be driving to Salt Lake to fly out on Sunday moring. We are really excited because Eric and Chandra will be meeting us there, it is going to be so fun!!!!!! Just think abour us laying around on the beach tanning and don't feel to sorry for us having had bad weather here! Adios amigos!

Colby Graduates!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Prom Day for Colby and Jim

Here is the lovely prom couple, notice the change from the shooters to the dancers. Pretty amazing what a shower, change of clothes and a hairdo can do for someone! They do look pretty nice though!