Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello out there.....back to town and sanity!

The past week has been one busy week!  My birthday was last week, we had lots of fun company, Russell and I went out of town and now, I am back home.  What a busy time that all was.  I am entering this post during a lunch break at a computer class I am attending today so  don't have access to my pictures so will put them on at a later time.  Just know we had such fun with the kids here last week.  We had:
Meredith, Wes, Saria, Easton, Sadie, Kennedy, Brittany, Colby, Jim, Kimber, Blake, Lindsey, Caleb, Spencer and Ethan all together and it was CRAZY FUN!  Sure love them all and am so thankful for the chance to spend some time with them last week. 
Thanks for coming to celebrate Wes, Easton and my birthdays.  Colby made the famous Munson yellow cake with chocolate sauce for my birthday and it was delish!!! I haven't made that for a long time.  We had another cake for Wes on his birthday so we were caked out, it was all yummy though.
After a church meeting on Sunday morning Russell and I headed to Sun Valley to the Utah Bankers Convention for four days. We luck out when we go there because it gives us a chance to spend some time with Eric, Chandra, Ali and Myah while we are there since they live close to Sun Valley. 
Now back to real life......atleast until the next fun adventure next week at the Munson Family Reunion.  Can't wait.

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